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Roberta Fillmore, our assistant secretary, grew up in Parque Anhanguera Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was willing to answer a few questions for Multicultural Monday. What do you miss the most? The food. My mom makes the best lasagna. What games did you play growing up that you’ve taught your kids? A jump roping game calle “Um Hemen Bateu Em Minha Porta e Eu Abri”. The kids really like singing the song as they jump rope. Where would you recommend someone visit if they went to Brazil? Fortaleza, the north of Brazil. The beaches are beautiful and it’s so warm. Thank you Roberta for sharing with us! Brazil sounds amazing


Please take notes of the following dates and plan accordingly. Thank you April 15 - May 3: State RISE Testing 3-6th grades April 26: School wide Tie-Dye day April 29 - May 3: Disability...

We are so proud of our Student of the Month students this month!! They are incredible examples of being Positive, Unified, Motivated and Accountable. Britany G James R Dilan T Anthony...

Monday- Kindness club Grades 1-3 8:00am Tuesday- Band/Orchestra practice 7:30 - 8:15am Wednesday- Kindness Club Grades 4-6 8:00am Student Council 8:00am Thursday - Band/Orchestra practice...