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Provo Peaks Elementary School

Last modified: September 27, 2023

Puma Expectations

At Provo Peaks we expect students to be safe, respectful, and responsible. Our student’s remember some of our core values with the acronym PUMA: Positive, Unified, Motivated, and Accountable. In order to accomplish that we have set up a Provo Peaks Rules Matrix┬áto help students be successful.


  • Be Safe: Stay in seat until dismissed; keep hands, feet, and object to yourself; report unsafe behavior to an adult; walk when moving around the classroom
  • Be Respectful: Follow directions; raise your hand to speak; keep your area clean; be polite-avoid using unkind language or gossiping
  • Be Responsible: Always do your best; be accountable for your actions; arrive on time-be prepared and ready to learn; complete assignments by the due date


  • Be safe: Walk when you’re going to your seat or throwing away your garbage; only use utensils for eating
  • Be Respectful: Use your manners; use your inside voices; only touch your food
  • Be Responsible: Stay in your seat until you are dismissed; when you are finished, clean your own area


  • Be safe: use equipment the way it is supposed to be used; report unsafe behavior to an adult; no roughhousing
  • Be Respectful: line up quickly and quietly when recess is over; share equipment; use kind words; apologize if an accident happens
  • Be Responsible: Put equipment away at the end of recess; bring all of your belongings inside with you; be accountable for your actions


  • Be Safe: Stay in line; keep hands and feet to yourself; walk
  • Be Respectful: use inside voices only when necessary; don’t touch papers hanging in the hallway
  • Be Responsible: Go directly to the place you need to go


  • Be Safe: Walk to and from the restroom; do not touch other students; ask permission before leaving class to use the restroom
  • Be Respectful: Flush the toilet and wash your hands after using the restroom; do not write on the walls
  • Be Responsible: use toilet paper, water, soap and towels appropriately and clean up after yourself; Go directly to and from the restroom