Since 2020 has started, now is a good time to talk about attendance. It is really hard to help your children learn when they’re not at school. Teachers are required by the state, and federal, government to teach a certain amount of stuff to their students (ie, 3rd graders learn how to multiply and get good at it). To meet that requirement our teachers have lessons planned for every school day in the school year and what is taught next week builds off what was taught this week.

A student can miss a day here and there (life happens, people get sick, etc). There is make up work that can be done to help the student not fall behind. However, when a student misses too many days, there’s two options of what will happen. Option 1, the student doesn’t get to move onto the next grade because they aren’t ready because they didn’t learn everything. Option 2, the student works extremely hard to be able to move onto the next grade. Neither option is good (for both the student, the parents, and the teachers). If your student ends up needing to be absent from school often, please talk with the teachers and administration here at Provo Peaks so we can work with you and your student to help them not fall behind.

The link below leads to infographics, made by Attendance Works, that help explain the cost of large amounts of absences (better than I can explain). Please go take a look and let us know if we can help you and your student.

Click here to see the infographics. (The link takes you to the Attendance Works website.)