Mrs. McCulloch has been teaching at Provo Peaks Elementary School for 8 years. She has shown profound dedication to the students of Provo Peaks as long as she has been teaching here. Mrs. McCulloch attended Utah State University for her undergrad. She went to Western Governors University for her post bacc in teaching, and finally, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a masters degree in teaching.

Mrs. McCulloch is a firm believer in running a structured and organized classroom. Mrs. McCulloch emphasizes reading in her classroom because she is also a firm believer that reading helps her students excel in all subjects in the classroom. Mrs. McCulloch claims, “Reading opens all doors! If you can read, you can learn just about anything. Well, that is except swimming.” It’s not a surprise that 90% of her class showed progress on the Acadience reading test.

She always has a purpose behind the assignments she gives her students and shares that purpose with them so they understand what their goal is. Mrs. McCulloch prefers to get on a personal level with her students to create a specialized relationship with them. She also keeps parents updated and involved with the growth and progression of her students. Provo Peaks is so lucky to have a teacher that is as amazing as she is

This article, and the image at the top, were written and taken by Spencer, Social Media Intern