Mrs. Webb has been working at Provo Peaks Elementary School for three years. Mrs. Webb teaches special education for grades 3-6. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in special education and a severe emphasis. Mrs. Webb provides a positive, friendly environment in her classroom where her students can grow in meaningful ways. She has found that teaching is better when you use visuals which is why Mrs. Webb likes to wear her T-shirt that states, “Shhhh, use visuals.”

Mrs. Webb has proven that she can adapt easily to different circumstances as she has developed and continues to develop unique relationships with all her students depending on their needs. She likes to figure out ways to motivate them individually whether it be a snack to munch on or playing a favorite song to dance to. Mrs. Webb is a firm believer in high expectations. Mrs. Webb believes that all her students can achieve much more than is expected of them. As a result, her students grow and progress constantly. We are very lucky to have Mrs. Webb working here at Provo Peaks Elementary.

This article, and the title image, were written/taken by Spencer Coca, our Social Media intern.