We are excited to celebrate Disability Awareness Week at Provo Peaks!

Provo Peaks is home to 8 classes specifically designed for students with special needs. We are having a disability awareness week to help us learn about our friends with special needs and how we can celebrate the strengths of everyone at Provo Peaks! Join us as we celebrate learning about different disabilities!

We have such a wonderful community at Provo Peaks. Our student body is very supportive of our friends with disabilities. We recognize that sometimes when people do things differently or don’t look the same as us, we can have questions. We would love to answer questions that you might have about disabilities or how you can be a good friend to someone with a disability. Our Special Education team will answer your questions in a video on Friday, so if you have questions during the week, please email them to jeanniez@provo.edu.

Please visit the school Facebook page each day for links to that day’s videos.

And, don’t forget to send your dress-up pics to Mr. Burge!